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Meet ProcuSphere

Meet ProcuSphere, your ultimate partner in managing Healthcare suppliers.

Our cloud-based software is tailor-made to meet the regulatory requirements of the Healthcare sector. ProcuSphere ensures supplier compliance, enhances performance, and simplifies operations, enabling your supply chain to move from mere compliance to confident efficiency.

With ProcuSphere, you can focus on what really matters - delivering top-quality care.

Choose ProcuSphere for an efficient and stress-free healthcare supplier management experience.

Data Storage

Think of it as a super organised hub for everything supplier and contract-related: data, compliances, incidents, and performance reviews.


Keep things current and buyers relaxed by sharing updated compliance documents.


Zoom through daily bumps with a built-in chat system that gets things sorted, pronto.

Supplier Reviews

Give a virtual round of applause with easy online supplier performance reviews.

ProcuSphere Features

ProcuSphere at Your Fingertips

Imagine having ProcuSphere in your pocket. Update suppliers, check compliances, raise issues, and rate performance anytime, anywhere, on any device.

Seamless Integration

Thanks to the API magic, blending with other platforms is like a breeze, and it won′t take ages to get everything running smoothly.

Rock-Solid Hosting

Trust Amazon Web Services (AWS) to keep your data safe and sound, with zero downtime and super-tight encryption.

Top-Notch Support

Count on our awesome IT team to have your back from the get-go. Whether it′s setting things up or managing suppliers daily, your business will be all-set to deliver top-notch services to your clients.

We′re excited to showcase ProcuSphere′s Online Review feature!

It′s a game-changer for Supplier Performance Reviews in your organization. The Performances module encourages everyone working with suppliers to take part, resulting in an engaging supplier management process that builds a strong group of high-performing suppliers.

To boost supplier performance and align with business needs, involving stakeholders closely connected with suppliers is key. They should be part of the Supplier Review process right from the start.

ProcuSphere brings structure and rhythm to supplier reviews, starting from supplier onboarding or contract award. Just like consumers rely on supplier ratings, enterprise buyers should too. With ProcuSphere, your suppliers′ performance ratings are visible to stakeholders, guiding them in making smart purchasing decisions.

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Your suppliers crave customer reviews and feedback because they matter more than ever.
The risk world has shifted dramatically, especially after recent disruptions. Compliance leaders need to make sure risks are well-handled throughout the business. Own your compliance standards.
The power of data and analytics is in everyone′s hands. Make decisions using real-time data to stay ahead in today′s competitive environment.

Experience world-class Supplier and Contract Management solutions with ProcuSphere.

We′re excited to show you our cutting-edge supplier and contract management app.