New Hotline Transforms Food Quality and Nutrition in Australian Aged Care

A game-changing step has emerged for Australians, offering a direct pathway to voice their concerns about food in aged care. The Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission has unveiled the specialised Food, Nutrition, and Dining Unit hotline, marking a pivotal development.

Ready to Help: This hotline is up and running. Skilled dietitians and speech pathologists are accessible to callers.

Boosting Quality of Life: A wholesome meal and best nutrition matter greatly across generations. For the elderly, it takes on even more significance.

Supporting Care Providers: The Food, Nutrition, and Dining Hotline also helps aged care providers. Through guidance, support, and education, it drives better food, nutrition, and dining experiences for seniors in their care.

Open to All: Seniors, devoted families, diligent caregivers, dedicated providers, and aged care staff can easily reach the Food, Nutrition, and Dining Hotline at 1800 844 044.

Enhancing Skills:

This initiative complements the grant from the Albanese Government to the Maggie Beer Foundation. Part of this partnership involves strengthening the skills of chefs and cooks in aged care. Excitingly, the first online training modules are accessible at

Minister's Insights:

Anika Wells, the Minister for Aged Care, profoundly resonates with the cause. "The impact of what we eat and how we dine on the well-being of older Australians is undeniable," she emphasised. The hotline's launch reinforces the commitment to elevate their quality of life through nourishing food.

A Bold Commitment:

The Food, Nutrition, and Dining Unit hotline's debut signifies another determined move by the Albanese Government. It underscores their commitment to ensuring nourishment is at the forefront of aged care, promoting a comprehensive well-being approach.

Source: Hotline to report food quality in aged care now live 2023, Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission website, Australian government, accessed 19 August 2023,

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